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Hello, deviant. Welcome to the third entry of a series of journals by me, where I discuss a number of topics on DeviantArt, like finding inspiration, fetish art, and theft. There can also be topics relating to things outside of the site that's on the Internet, or things outside of the Internet in general. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

Before we begin to discuss the topic of criticism and critique, I would like to display the definition of both of these two words.

-The expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived thoughts on faults and mistakes. 
-The analysis and judgement of the merits and faults of a literary or artistic work.

And now, critique.

-A detailed analysis and assessment of something, especially a literary, philosophical, or political theory.
-To evaluate in a detailed and analytical way.

It's obvious that most of us as artists and writers look for constructive and helpful critiques in our works. We crave anything that can help us to evolve, become better in what we are doing, and have a larger understanding of our preferred craft. While critiques are a surefire way to assist one into becoming better, it is not always the case for everyone. 

Throughout the past year I've been on the site, I can not help but notice that the amount of detailed and well-evaluative comments that I've seen on people's artworks, are few and far between. And no, critique-requested works do not count for this discussion. I think that a piece of art, either gold or crap. should be given a comment that points out its faults(if any) and highlights, as well the artist's style and techniques.

When you want to critique a picture someone made, you have to ask these questions;
-Are the lines consistent?
- Does the piece convey any kind of emotion or insight, in it's presentation and/or in the viewer?
-Is this artwork original?
-Is the shading made extremely well, or extremely poorly?
- Did the artist put any visible effort into it?
-And many more.

Now, when the picture is just a simple sketch, you know, something with or without color or shading, is kind of rough, and can easily be made in under half a hour, it's okay to put in a small comment, commenting on the lines, what the sketch is suppose to be, and it's simplicity or complexity. But, it's a bit different when you see something that obviously has a lot of effort and time put into it. When there is a piece that you like, because of it's choice of colors, because of the shading and lighting, the well polished background, and the nice drawing technique, it deserves to be critiqued properly. You can't just put a comment on it, saying "Wow, it looks nice", be on your merry way, and expect it to have the same impact as a good critique does. I understand that not everyone is good at analyzing, but what's the harm in pointing out more than one or two things that make a artwork look outstanding? If you have trouble with critiquing, then you can start off by commenting on the colors and shading, or how the lines look, or how good the background is, or anything.

I think :iconsolarsands: does a better job at explaining this topic than I do. Here's the link to his video on Youtube: [link]

Remember when I said at the beginning that the amount of critiques I see on pictures on DeviantArt are few and far between? Well, that's because I've sometimes ran into artists on this site, who obviously have lots of potential, that make art which can actually make me crack a smile once in a while, but barely, if ever, get any comments or critiques on their art pieces, let alone their page. I find it baffling that someone can be on this site for nearly two or three years, have the actual talent to pull off some really well made pictures, regardless if it's digital or traditional, and only get a handful amount of watchers and barely worthwhile critiques on their pictures. I'm sure it's the same for people on DeviantArt who are kind of well-known in the community and make really nice artwork, yet has zero comments on some of their works

Is it because some people on DeviantArt are lazy? Do they even know how to critique properly? Is it too much time, just to make one constructive comment? Or do they not care?

For me, I crave for meaningful comments, as well as critiques. I'm always striving to get better so that I can make what I'm currently doing as a hobby, become a career and something I can die happy doing. It's one of the few reasons of being on DeviantArt. But what's the point of continuing if all the time and effort you put into all of your work goes unnoticed and there's only a small chance anyone would comment on it? 

Usually when someone takes a look at your artwork, there's a chance that 80% of the people who view it will only favorite it and not give a actual critique or comment. I kind of see it as a half-ass way of showing any interest in the piece, because how many of the favorites for your work is actually genuine? It will look good to them, sure, but once it catches their attention for a brief moment, you'll only receive a favorite and the person will move on to the next piece that catches their attention. The cycle will then continue. I'd much rather get a memorable critique or criticism for a comment to help me improve myself and my art, than have yet another growing number added to my stats.

Now, on the subject of criticism. These are not good ones:
-This sucks.
-Why is your art so bad?
-You colored the picture wrong.

They are not good examples of criticism and they are not going to make whoever your commenting for get any better. It's only going to make it worse for them. I see criticism as a harsher form of critique, since it's a judgement of mostly negative things about something. But not all criticism has to be toxic and cruel. To give a proper criticism, you have to point out some things that the person is doing wrong, but to also give ideas and tips on how to improve. If someone shades something badly, you have to tell them what they did wrong and what's the better way to do it, or at least show them. It's important to be professional and nice about it, so you won't come off as a dick to the one you're criticizing.

Criticism can be helpful, if done right. It can also be helpful to whoever's taking it, if they take it well. If your work is criticized, it's not the end of the world. There is more than enough time for you to become better at something and learn from your mistakes. Here's the thing; if you can't handle criticism of your art, your public art, which you have to expect to happen at some point when you're making something that might not look decent, then you shouldn't be a artist in the first place. Criticism is important to getting better, and if it's not accepted, then what's the point?

Got to the end of this? Then congratulations! Yui Funami (Good Job) [V3] 


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